I’m running for state representative to end business as usual in Harrisburg.  We need representation in Harrisburg that is efficient, effective and puts the needs of the people first! As your Representative I will work tirelessly to get meaningful property tax reform that doesn't just shift the burden of funding education, but fixes the problems that drive education costs including pensions, inequitable funding formulas and unfunded mandates.  

We need elected officials that practice what they preach, so I won't take a pension and I'll limit my own term in Harrisburg. 

I am ready to bring my passion, drive, knowledge and listening skills to Harrisburg to serve your needs.  I look forward to continuing our conversation.  I pledge to listen to you and make your agenda my agenda in Harrisburg.  Please consider volunteering, putting a yard sign on your lawn, or making a financial contribution to my campaign.  Together we will end business as usual in Harrisburg. 


Kristin Phillips-Hill

Kristin phillips-Hill