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Butch Potter, President & CEO of Martin's Potato Chips, Supports Kristin Phillips-Hill

April 2014

Normally I stay as far away as I can from politics.  But this time I have to make an exception.  After being on the Dallastown School Board for the past 5 years I can see there is so much opportunity if good people get involved and start to take action, rather than sit on the sidelines. 

The Republican primary election is coming up on Tuesday May 20th.   Kristin Phillip-Hill is running for the PA House seat in district 93 - which is roughly the SW quarter of York County.  This district is currently represented by Ron Miller.  Ron is not running again. 

​I have known Kristin and her husband Rick for the past 7 years.  They are terrific people with a wonderful family. For the past 3 years I have served on the Dallastown School Board with her.  Very seldom do I get to vote for someone that I really support and who is a non political person.   She is thoughtful, intelligent, collaborative, hard working - if I was looking for somebody to vote for she is that kind of person. 

I see this as a rare opportunity to elect a representative to Harrisburg to do the right things, thoughtfully, creatively.   Kristin is fiscally conservative but realistic and rational in approaching workable solutions. She understands what we need from the state for Education.  She understands how business works and what a positive business climate could do for our economy. She is a great listener. 
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​Please vote on May 20th.  The 93rd district is a majority Republican district, the winner of this primary has a 99% probability of winning the fall election.  So the time to choose is now. Thanks for taking the time to read this message.  Please share this email with your friends in the district. 

​Butch Potter