A proven fiscal conservative

Property Tax Reform

Kristin will work tirelessly to get meaningful property tax reform that doesn't just shift the burden of funding education, but fixes the problems that drive education costs including pensions, inequitable funding formulas and unfunded mandates.  

NO Pension NO Perks

  • Kristin believes that elected officials should lead by example so Kristin WILL NOT take a pension.  
  • Kristin will not take a taxpayer provided car. 

Term Limits 

Kristin believes in term limits and will limit her own time in the legislature to a maximum of ten years. 

Strong Supporter of the Second amendment

As an active member of the NRA, Kristin supports our second amendment rights and will fight protect them in Harrisburg.

Pro-Life & Protecting Pennsylvanians

  • Kristin is Pro-Life and supported by Pro-Life Republicans.
  • Kristin strongly supports the state's organ donation program.
  • Kristin strongly supports strengthening Pennsylvania's sex trafficking laws.

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